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Corridor 7 Aliens by Majik Monkee 454kb (Downloaded 1281 times)

This is a set of alien sprites from Corridor 7 I extracted and converted to Wolf colors for my cancelled project "Uranus Attacks". All of the characters are contained in a single zip file. The sprites have been taken straight out of my SOD VSWAP for the project, and the frames are numbered accordingly. Note that the characters shown on the bottom row in the preview are all in "boss format", and only have frontal, attacking, and dying frames. Please give credit to Capstone Software for the original art and Majik Monkee for extracting the frames if you use these in your project.
User rating: 3.5 (36 votes)
Categories: Aliens and Monsters, Bosses, Corridor 7, Guards
Date added: 2005-01-19

Colonel Eisenhande by Bruno Déo Vergílio 24kb (Downloaded 1185 times)

This character uses General Fettgesicht as a base, with elements of Hans and Otto from Wolf3D as well. There has been some recoloring and other changes made as well, and it all blends together quite well to form a boss who attacks like Fatface or Barnacle Wilhelm. Please give credit to Bruno Déo Vergílio if you use this character in your project.
User rating: 3.6 (28 votes)
Categories: Awarded, Bosses, Males
Date added: 2006-05-19

ATV by Majik Monkee 32kb (Downloaded 1066 times)

A cross between the Mecha-Hitler armor, the Robot from Lost Episodes, and a couple of regular guards from Wolfenstein. Designed to be sort of a mobile attack vehicle. Currently used in no TC's.
User rating: 3.2 (32 votes)
Categories: Bosses, Males, Vehicles
Date added: 2005-01-01

Alien Hulk by Majik Monkee 23kb (Downloaded 1044 times)

This character was taken from the PC game "Half Life" and converted to a useable Wolfenstein format. I've created my own firing animations, since there wasn't much to the originals. Designed to replace Hans and Trans type bosses. I originally converted this character for "Countdown to Chaos", though I'm not sure I'll complete the project now.
User rating: 4.1 (53 votes)
Categories: Aliens and Monsters, Bosses
Date added: 2005-02-28

BOB by Majik Monkee 20kb (Downloaded 998 times)

Designed to resemble those bulky, clunky looking robots from those really old sci-fi movies, I was trying to make something that looked like what a bipedal robot would look like if it were invented around the early post WWII era. BOB used to stand for something, but I can't remember what now. Designed with parts of the NME robot from the ROTT original art, and parts of the Grau Adler body from Spear Resurrection by AReyeP and MCS. Currently used in no TC's.
User rating: 3.8 (28 votes)
Categories: Bosses, Robots
Date added: 2005-01-01

Himmelpferd by Spiritblade-Inc 20kb (Downloaded 964 times)

Eric sent me a frame with the design for this character, and I whipped up the rest of the animations for it. It appears to be a recolored Grau Adler body with rocket launchers, a Sumbarine Willie helmet, and some major decoration to the body and face. Give credit to Spiritblade-Inc if you use this character in your project. Currently appears in no TC projects.
User rating: 4.6 (47 votes)
Categories: Awarded, Bosses, Males
Date added: 2005-01-01

Chaingunner by Majik Monkee 16kb (Downloaded 922 times)

A mix of the Lost Episodes SS guard, a Hitler ghost head, and a Hitler chaingun, with some major recoloration. The frames are designed to serve as a boss, but the character could be used as a standard enemy as well. A variation will appear in "Kreml 3D" by Martin.
User rating: 4.6 (13 votes)
Categories: Bosses, Males
Date added: 2005-01-01

Jeep by Mr Wolf 15kb (Downloaded 910 times)

A modified truck front (wall) turned into an enemy jeep with a driving soldier. Created to replace the Mecha Hitler. Currently does not appear in any projects. Give credit to Mr Wolf if you use this character.
User rating: 4.0 (21 votes)
Categories: Bosses, Vehicles
Date added: 2005-01-01

Assassain by Majik Monkee 17kb (Downloaded 905 times)

I noticed that most of the female bosses in Wolfenstein are huge, ugly Gretel Grosse clones, and thought I would take a crack at making one slightly different. She is still based on Gretel, but somewhat smaller, with some major modifications and recoloration. Currently used in no projects.
User rating: 3.9 (34 votes)
Categories: Bosses, Females
Date added: 2005-01-01

Destroyer Mutant by RGamesINC 22kb (Downloaded 887 times)

This character appears to use some elements from what looks like the MAC Wolfenstein bosses, though I'm not completely sure. This set is well suited for replacing Hans and Trans type bosses. Please give credit to RGamesINC if you use this character in your project.
User rating: 4.0 (42 votes)
Categories: Awarded, Bosses, Mutants
Date added: 2005-03-03

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