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Conner94's Dual Weapon Set by Conner94 31kb (Downloaded 1017 times)

This is a set of two different guns that appear to be mostly hand drawn, though they appear to be based on the weapons done my Mr Wolf for Operation: Letzterschutz. There are two different zip files contained in the main zip, one for each gun. Please give credit to Conner94 if you use these weapons in your project.
User rating: 3.3 (10 votes)
Categories: Weapon Sets
Date added: 2005-01-18

Heinrich Messerschmitt by Majik Monkee 15kb (Downloaded 375 times)

I was trying to develop some more realistic looking bosses, and Messerschmitt was born. He's a cross between the body of Otto Giftmacher, and the head of General Scheissegesicht, one of my other creations. I took the time to name him, but never had a project for him. A variation will appear in "Kreml 3D" by Martin.
User rating: 4.3 (3 votes)
Categories: Bosses, Males
Date added: 2005-01-18

Hitler by Majik Monkee 15kb (Downloaded 645 times)

One of my attempts at creating more realistic less bulky versions of original Wolfenstein bosses. I used a Hitler ghost head placed on a Lost Episodes SS body with a lot of editing and recoloring. I was going to use it as a Hitler clone in "Hundscheisse 2" before the project was cancelled.
User rating: 4.2 (13 votes)
Categories: Bosses, Males
Date added: 2005-01-18

Megaclone by Josh 19kb (Downloaded 438 times)

This character is based on the Super Clone from Spear Resurrection (designed by AReyeP). It has a second MCS gun added to it with Hitler's brown pants instead of the original white pants. Please give credit to Josh if you use this character in your project.
User rating: 3.5 (11 votes)
Categories: Bosses, Mutants
Date added: 2005-01-18

SS Variations by David 138kb (Downloaded 682 times)

This is a set of two variations on the original SS. One has a brown uniform instead of the original blue one, and the other is red. Please give credit to David if you use these characters in your project.
User rating: 3.8 (13 votes)
Categories: Guards, Males
Date added: 2005-01-18

Zombie Robot by MINOTAURiii975

This character uses the body of Hans the Axe from the Lost Episodes with the head of the Treadnaught by Majik Monkee, with a lot of other editing and details added. Please give credit to MINOTAURiii975 if you use the idea for this character in your project.
User rating: 3.2 (13 votes)
Categories: Ideas, Robots
Date added: 2005-01-18

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