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Controlled Zombie by RGamesINC 56kb (Downloaded 974 times)

This character uses elements of Mr Wolf's "hostage" sprite, with some parts from the slimer alien from the Corridor 7 aliens pack. It was designed for Minotauriii975's project: Location 88, and is mainly here for display. If you would like to use this character in your game, be sure to get permission from RGamesINC and MINOTAURiii975.
User rating: 3.4 (18 votes)
Categories: Aliens and Monsters, Guards
Date added: 2005-01-22

General Steinkopf by WSJ 20kb (Downloaded 478 times)

This character uses Otto Giftmacher as a base, with a lot of editing and recoloring done to the body and uniform. He appears to be based on one of WSJ's decorated officers from some of his sprite sets. Please give credit to WSJ if you use this character in your project.
User rating: 4.0 (9 votes)
Categories: Bosses, Males
Date added: 2005-01-22

Skull Man by Joshua Moore 11kb (Downloaded 319 times)

This character uses the Lost Soul from DOOM as a base but with editing and recolouring done to the body. It also has it's own death frames. This is made to replace the Fake Hitler enemy but it doesn't come with its own fireball animations.
User rating: 1.7 (17 votes)
Categories: Aliens and Monsters, Guards
Date added: 2005-01-22

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