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Tank Treader by MINOTAURiii975

This character is created from parts from several different sources, including part of the Mecha Hitler armor, the treads from the Lost Episodes Robot boss, and the head off the suit of armor also from the Lost Episodes. Please give credit to MINOTAURiii975 if you use the idea for this character in your project.
User rating: 3.0 (4 votes)
Categories: Ideas
Date added: 2005-01-25

Wing Man by Majik Monkee

This character is basically hand drawn with some parts of the wings borrowed from the final Kefka boss in FF3. It's based on the final form of Sephiroth in FF7, though on a much smaller scale. It was designed with only two animations, and is meant to replace the Pac Man ghosts. Scheduled to appear in a mod by The Incredible Pete.
User rating: 3.2 (10 votes)
Categories: Pac-Man
Date added: 2005-01-25

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