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Brownshirt Elite by MINOTAURiii975

This character uses Otto Giftmacher as a base, with some recoloring done to the body. The gun arm comes from Pistol Ocelot, and the helmet appears to be an edited Submarine Willie helmet. He is designed to be a Hans type boss replacement. Please give credit to MINOTAURiii975 if you use the idea for this character in your project.
User rating: 4.0 (11 votes)
Categories: Ideas
Date added: 2005-02-24

Dennis the Menace by Joshua Moore 19kb (Downloaded 381 times)

Submitted by Joshua Moore, this character is hand drawn, and is based on the character by the same name from the British comic book "The Beano". A "stink bomb" projectile sprite is also included in the zip. Please give credit to Joshua Moore if you use this character in your project.
User rating: 1.2 (22 votes)
Categories: Bosses, Cartoons, Males
Date added: 2005-02-24

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