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Diehard Wolfers Band by Majik Monkee

This is a "band" put together by folks at the Diehard Wolfers forum, using characters from the original Wolfenstein games. The officer and mutant were done by JoeWolf, BJ and the SS were done by Xgthug, and the Hitler was done by myself. BrotherTank did the background and put all of the animations together. Please give credit to the above mentioned artist if you use this GIF in any form.
User rating: 4.5 (84 votes)
Categories: Featured Short, Other Stuff
Date added: 2005-03-24

Felix the Cat by Joshua Moore 11kb (Downloaded 360 times)

This character is hand drawn, and is based the character by the same name from the "Felix the Cat" cartoon. He is designed to replace Hans/Trans type bosses or the mancubus from Doom II. Joshua may use him in a future project, but does not have plans to use him yet. Please give credit to Joshua Moore if you use this character in your project (my dad would love this because he's always hated Felix the Cat and would love to see him get blown away!).
User rating: 2.0 (15 votes)
Categories: Bosses, Cartoons
Date added: 2005-03-24

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