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Dirty Darren by Richard Kelly 58kb (Downloaded 530 times)

This character is basically a recolored brown guard from Wolf3D and SOD with some modifications made to the facial features as well. He is done in the SOD palette, so he might not look right if used to replace a Wolf3D guard. Further info about the character is included in the zip. Please give credit to Richard Kelly if you use this character in your project.
User rating: 2.6 (5 votes)
Categories: Guards, Males
Date added: 2005-06-16

Puffy Ami Yumi Band by Ian Summerfield

Submitted by Ian Summerfield (aka Little Cherub), this is an animated GIF that features some of his hand drawn characters he's submitted to the Image World previously. The band members include the Nitrus Brio Hulk, Dr. N Gin, Ami, Yumi, and a character Ian created called "Some Evil Guy", not previously featured on this site. The crowd is also composed of characters Ian submitted before, but I won't name them all. Please give credit to Ian Summerfield if you use this image in any way.
User rating: 2.5 (14 votes)
Categories: Featured Short, Other Stuff
Date added: 2005-06-16

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