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Corridor 7 Guard 2 by Conner94 125kb (Downloaded 751 times)

This is the second multiplayer guard sprite set from "Corridor 7", converted to Wolf3D format without any changes to the actual sprites. Please give credit to Conner94 for extracting and converting these sprites, and to Capstone for the original design if you use these in your project.
User rating: 4.0 (7 votes)
Categories: Corridor 7, Guards, Males
Date added: 2005-08-11

Featured Short #3 by RGamesINC

This is a comical short animated movie, all hand drawn, featuring bosses from Wolfenstein and SOD interacting with one another (it should be easy to recognize most of them). It was created by RGamesINC, so credit should be given if you use this GIF in any form.
User rating: 4.0 (20 votes)
Categories: Featured Short, Other Stuff
Date added: 2005-08-11

Hitler Tank by Michael Collin 20kb (Downloaded 595 times)

This character is Hitler in a tank (as the name would suggest), and is designed using elements of the Wolfenstein Hitler boss, the Mecha Hitler armor, and the treads from the Lost Episodes Robot. It all blends together pretty well, and can be used to replace just about any type of chaingun shooting boss. Please give credit to Michael Collin if you use this character in your project.
User rating: 2.9 (16 votes)
Categories: Bosses, Males, Vehicles
Date added: 2005-08-11

Pulse Rifle by Conner94 4kb (Downloaded 406 times)

Submitted by Conner94, this weapon uses frames from the original Wolf3D machine gun weapon, with some significant recoloration. Designed to be an M1A Pulse Rifle. Originally intended to be used for alien type mods, though it doesn't have to be. Please give credit to Conner94 if you use this weapon in your project.
User rating: 2.5 (4 votes)
Categories: Weapon Sets
Date added: 2005-08-11

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