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Cartoon Creatures by Majik Monkee 76kb (Downloaded 512 times)

I was surfing the web, and I came across some sprite sheets with some characters from a game called "Don't Pull" (kind of a dumb name for a game if you ask me). The characters were so "cutesy" that I couldn't resist converting them to Wolf format to be subjected to mod style mayhem. Note that there are forward, backward, and side walking frames, but none in between. Most of the frames are straight conversions, though the Dino's attack and death were mostly my creation. Thanks to "ACE_Spark" for the original sprite sheets .
User rating: 2.4 (7 votes)
Categories: Cartoons, Guards
Date added: 2005-10-31

Gaz by Ian Summerfield 47kb (Downloaded 348 times)

Submitted by Ian Summerfield (aka Little Cherub), this character was hand drawn, and is based on the character by the same name from "Invader Zim". He is currently scheduled to make an appearance in Ian's "Invasion of the Cartoons 2". Please give credit to Ian Summerfield if you use this character in your project.
User rating: 4.0 (7 votes)
Categories: Cartoons, Guards
Date added: 2005-10-31

MacD Weapons by MacD 100kb (Downloaded 877 times)

This is a set of a variety of well done weapons, created from a variety of different game sources. There are twelve different guns included in the zip, and pickups for them as well. I have included specific info about each gun in the zip. Please give credit to MacD if you use these weapons in your project.
User rating: 4.5 (14 votes)
Categories: Weapon Sets
Date added: 2005-10-31

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